An Afternoon at Kitchener Comiccon 2019

On March 3rd, my wife and I attended Kitchener Comiccon. Taking place at Kitchener City Hall, this free convention was a cool event for the community. Here are a few pictures and highlights from our time at the show!

The first area we stumbled upon was the gaming section. My excitement immediately spiked at the sight of five free-to-play pinball tables. I’m awful at pinball, but I never turn down the opportunity to play. The standout machine to me was The Beatles machine, as I love the band and it was an interesting mix of an old school pinball table layout with modern technology. Other tables included Guardians of the Galaxy, The Munsters, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Monster Bash.

Another highlight of the arcade was this Pong machine. Playing a physical manifestation of that game with arcade-perfect controls and physics was wild! It even had difficulty settings if you wanted to adjust the speed of the ball.

For a free show that seemed to reach for a more general interest crowd, I loved seeing the fighting game area. The stations were running Super Smash Bros. Melee, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle and more! Was great to see so many kids enjoying fighting games, as this niche genre is always in need of fresh blood!

For $1 per play, you could try your hand at the Tetris tournament. Of course I gave it a go. While I held onto the top spot for a time with 101 lines, I was a bit disappointed in my result. Taking for granted that classic Tetris doesn’t use the “bag system” for piece randomization, I built myself too tall of a tower early on, waiting way too long for the right pieces to fall. Spent too much of my time trying to clean up an otherwise avoidable mess.

Of course, there were a number of booths selling merch of all sorts. Was surprised though to see how much art and merchandise they already had of the Pokemon Gen 8 starters! I got a great deal on the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Loot Crate, which includes a 2-Pack of Funko Pops with Hot Ryu and Violent Ken. Was also finally able to score a copy of Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers on the NES at a price I was willing to pay! Glad to cross this one off the bucket list!

One more cool thing I wanted to share was that they had a few vintage copies of Spider-Man published in German! Never seen these before. Not for sale, but glad to have seen them!

Really glad that the community has a free show like Kitchener Comiccon for their nerdy fix! I had a good time playing the games, shopping, and being in a large room with other fans! See you next year!

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