We’re Going Across the Pond to London and Paris!

Though Steff and I have been plotting this in the background for quite some time, we’re finally at a place where we can talk about it without jinxing anything [knocks on wood]! During the middle of June, we’ll be spending a few days in London and Paris!

It won’t be my first time in London, as we once made the trek what feels like a lifetime ago. However, I think there’s still a lot for us to see and do, especially since we’ll be attending a show that is guaranteed to be…spicy.

London will be great, but I’m most excited for Paris! Having never been, it’s a whole new world to explore with lots of history. From the Eiffel Tower, to the catacombs, to Disneyland Paris, we’ve got a lot to see and do!

That said, what would you suggest that I check out while I’m over there? Would definitely appreciate your input! As for the site, I’ll have an announcement on how things will carry on in my absence. Stay tuned!

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