What’s Happening with In Third Person While I’m Away on Vacation

On June 9th, Steff and I will going on a trip to Europe! We’ll be enjoying the sights and sounds of London and Paris for a few weeks. Can’t wait to take a vacation!

That said, I can’t leave you alone! Tons of stuff scheduled to make it feel like I’m not gone at all!

  • The website will still have new content going up every day while I’m gone. Two major features will be rolling out: Arcade Week and GameCube Week!
  • As awesome as it would be to live stream from Europe, that’s not happening. Instead, I’ll be scheduling in a number of Twitch Premieres. The schedule is as follows:
    • June 10th, 7pm EST – LOST TAPES: The Show That Became Boss Rush
    • June 12th, 7pm EST – LOST TAPES: NES Classic Mix Featuring Castlevania I and II, Double Dragon II, and Ninja Gaiden!
    • June 14th, 7pm EST – In Third Person Comic Book Show Marathon
    • June 18th, 7pm EST – Board Game Talk Marathon
    • June 20th, 7pm EST – Boss Rush: All Game Show Marathon

      • Side note, if you haven’t already, make sure to follow twitch.tv/xdoublejump and twitch.tv/jsick06! Kris and Rachel over at Double Jump run a fantastic show and they stream multiple times a week. As for Jason, he’s probably going to stream something weird and retro that you haven’t seen before!
  • Social media updates will be…sporadic. I’ll be taking lots of pictures while I’m out there, and I should have regular access to wifi from our accommodations. If I do post, it will probably be light on gaming-related stuff and more heavy on tourism. But hey, I’m no stranger to deviating from my core content strategy in order to indulge in my other personal interests.

Wishing you all the best while I’m out! We’ll catch up when I get back on the 24th!

Fresh Games for My European Travels

With London, Paris, figuring out how to watch the rest of the NBA Finals while in Europe, and a date with the Spice Girls at Wembley Stadium ahead of me, the last thing I should be concerned about is what games I’ll be playing for the next few weeks. Odds are, I won’t have much of any time to play stuff. And that’s for the best! I’m excited to explore new parts of London and England that I didn’t get to last time, while immersing myself in a whole new world in Paris.

And yet, here I am, making preparations to ensure that I have something fresh to play during the flights, trains, and whatever little down time we have. Partially cause those moments of down time could be great for trying something new while giving me more things to write about. But mostly because I have the attention span of a peanut and require constant mental stimulation.

In light of the circumstances, this list is comprised entirely of Nintendo Switch titles. It’s also a little price-conscious, as this adventure has already proven to be a pricey one before we’ve even stepped on a plane.

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We’re Going Across the Pond to London and Paris!

Though Steff and I have been plotting this in the background for quite some time, we’re finally at a place where we can talk about it without jinxing anything [knocks on wood]! During the middle of June, we’ll be spending a few days in London and Paris!

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Board Game Night Playlist: Trip to Japan

I need to go to Japan someday. My love of video games and anime were my introduction to the Land of the Rising Sun, though I’ve grown to become fascinated with almost every facet of the country. Didn’t realize it until just now, but Japan also is a thematic hot bed for board games. I only chose three for this list, though there are a ton of great games that use Japan as a backdrop. Let’s hop on a plane and check out this month’s Japan-themed Board Game Night Playlist!

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Leaving On A Jet Plane

It’s almost time. In a matter of hours, I’ll be hopping on a plane to London. My suitcase is packed, I’ve got my paperwork ready and my Ambassador Program NES games loaded up on my 3DS.

I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to scribe my thoughts on Fan Expo. My work between Fan Expo and this trip has been crazy, which has made the act of writing these posts the way I want to impossible. I will say though that the event was fantastic.

If you’ve been horribly disappointed in the lack of content on In Third Person these last few days, fear not my friends. I have a number of posts lined up to run while I’m gone, which will make the site more active than it has been while I’ve been home these last few days. Once I’m back, I’ll get back to the blogging!

Thanks for supporting In Third Person, and stick around while I’m on vacation, as there’s definitely more content for you around the corner! Till I return, I wish you all the best!