London and Paris Recap and AMA Live Stream

Before we get back into the swing of playing video games on stream, we have a lot of catching up to do! I take the opportunity to share with you a ton of photos, a plethora of stories, and answer any questions you may have about these two world-class cities!



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We’re Going Across the Pond to London and Paris!

Though Steff and I have been plotting this in the background for quite some time, we’re finally at a place where we can talk about it without jinxing anything [knocks on wood]! During the middle of June, we’ll be spending a few days in London and Paris!

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I’m Home

It’s been a slice, England.

Though I’ve been back in Canada now for a few hours, and some of the specifics of our trip are starting fade from my mind, I’ll never forget how amazing every minute of that trip felt for Steff and I.

It’s going to take a bit more time for me to settle in, but I do have some post-trip posts lined up. Stay tuned!

Leaving On A Jet Plane

It’s almost time. In a matter of hours, I’ll be hopping on a plane to London. My suitcase is packed, I’ve got my paperwork ready and my Ambassador Program NES games loaded up on my 3DS.

I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to scribe my thoughts on Fan Expo. My work between Fan Expo and this trip has been crazy, which has made the act of writing these posts the way I want to impossible. I will say though that the event was fantastic.

If you’ve been horribly disappointed in the lack of content on In Third Person these last few days, fear not my friends. I have a number of posts lined up to run while I’m gone, which will make the site more active than it has been while I’ve been home these last few days. Once I’m back, I’ll get back to the blogging!

Thanks for supporting In Third Person, and stick around while I’m on vacation, as there’s definitely more content for you around the corner! Till I return, I wish you all the best!

Off-Topic: I’m Going to London

Though I have traveled to hundreds of fictional video game worlds in my lifetime, traveling in real life has been far less frequent. I’ve only ever been on a plane once in my life, and I’ve only spent a total of one month out of my entire existence outside of my country. My lack of traveling has nothing to do with me being a video game nerd. However, it has everything to do with not having the time or resources to travel up until this point in time.

With that said, life is starting to stabilize for me. I’ve been working full-time for the last few years, which comes with the benefits of a steady income and paid vacation. In a matter of days, I’ll be enjoying the spoils of my ‘wealth’ with my girlfriend in London, England in just over a week from today.

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