Fumbling Through the First Dungeon in Moonlighter

(NOTE: This post contains mild spoilers for the first dungeon of Moonlighter)

Billed to me as part Legend of Zelda, part roguelike, and part management sim, Moonlighter has been on my radar for quite some time. However, due to life getting in the way, the only time I’ve had to play it was a one-week pocket of time between Super Mario Maker 2 and Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Thus far, I really enjoy what I’ve played. Be that as it may, I’ve struggled to get a grip on playing the game the right way. It feels like I should be much farther along relative to the time I’ve spent with it.

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Tetris 99 and The Physical-to-Digital Double Dip

Tetris 99 is receiving a physical release later this year. Besides the benefits of having the game in a physical form, it also comes with one year of Nintendo Switch Online and the first Big Block DLC. As someone with a bit of a physical Tetris collection, I love the idea of owning a physical copy of the game. While I’m not as enthused about double-dipping on the DLC, it also does come with an extra year of Nintendo Switch Online, so I think it’s a net positive should I decide to buy it.

Of late, I’ve really started to notice the trend of games starting out on digital before getting physical releases down the road. Not long after the news of Tetris 99 going physical was announced, it was revealed that the brilliant-and-heart-wrenching Gris was also getting a physical release. For players who like physical copies, this release pattern adds another level of calculation before you buy a game.

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Boss Rush Episode 16

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After an unintended extended hiatus, we’re back! Jett and Jason return from vacations and Mat returns from…adulting. Games discussed include Super Mario Maker 2, Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, Spider-Man, Dying Light, Moonlighter, Contra Anniversary Collection, Dr. Mario World, and 20XX! And for today’s game show…how good are you with anagrams?


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Moonlighter Live Stream

Shopkeeper by day. Hero by night! Moonlighter adds a roguelike twist to The Legend of Zelda formula. I fumble through most of this stream as I try to get a feel for how everything works, but I think I got the gist of it by the end! Take a look at this indie hit darling!


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Fresh Games for My European Travels

With London, Paris, figuring out how to watch the rest of the NBA Finals while in Europe, and a date with the Spice Girls at Wembley Stadium ahead of me, the last thing I should be concerned about is what games I’ll be playing for the next few weeks. Odds are, I won’t have much of any time to play stuff. And that’s for the best! I’m excited to explore new parts of London and England that I didn’t get to last time, while immersing myself in a whole new world in Paris.

And yet, here I am, making preparations to ensure that I have something fresh to play during the flights, trains, and whatever little down time we have. Partially cause those moments of down time could be great for trying something new while giving me more things to write about. But mostly because I have the attention span of a peanut and require constant mental stimulation.

In light of the circumstances, this list is comprised entirely of Nintendo Switch titles. It’s also a little price-conscious, as this adventure has already proven to be a pricey one before we’ve even stepped on a plane.

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Boss Rush Episode 4

Jett and Mat return for the latest episode of Boss Rush! We cover everything from Mat getting a Switch, to Jett being torn over Pocket Rumble, to barbecues mysteriously falling over and the greasiness of unauthorized Banksy art exhibitions.

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