Arcade Week | Favourite Amusement Games

Arcade Week continues! Today, we take a look at some of the games that aren’t video games or pinball machines.

The arcade is home to many different kinds of games. I gravitate towards video games and pinball machines, but there are other other attractions at most arcades to keep one entertained. Here are a few of my faves!


Whether we’re using mini basketballs on a small net that moves, to full-sized machines that push you to take long shots, to the new and surprisingly addictive Connect 4 Hoops, shooting basketballs as part of a digital game is one of my favourite things to do at the arcade. It’s a neat gamification of my favourite sport that I’ll never get tired of. Well, that’s not true. I’m usually gassed after one round because I’m not in the same shape I used to be.


Skee-Ball is a timeless classic. Rolling a ball towards a ramp and trying to jump it into the highest scoring spots you can hit is a game I’ll always come back to. Do you risk it all trying to get the higher scoring holes towards the top? Or do you play it safe and try to hit the areas you can consistently score on? Whatever your approach is, you’ll always have fun launching your ball down the lane in hopes of big points!

Air Hockey

Bad air hockey is awful. When the machine isn’t spitting out enough air or when the table has dead zones, it ruins the experience. But if you’ve got a good table, it still feels like you’re playing a game from the future. Watching the puck slide around the board is a hypnotic experience, and it always feels great to score that goal off a crazy bank shot!


In what may be the saddest case of innate talent, I’ve been a Whack-a-Mole wizard for as long as I can remember. Without even cheating by using both hands, I vividly remember setting a new high score on one of the first Whack-a-Mole machines I ever played. Since then, I’ve made it a point to chase the high score when I see a game of this style. Moles, alligators, doesn’t matter!

What are some of your favourite amusement games at the arcade?

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