My Favourite Professional Wrestlers of Today

It’s SummerSlam weekend! Since it’s taking place in my back yard, of course my wife and I will be there! Though we’ve been to wrestling events together in the past, we’ve never done a pay-per-view together before, where the stakes are at an all-time high. I still vividly remember attending Wrestlemania 18 and I want the thrill that comes with a major wrestling event of that magnitude. Titles will change hands! Winners will be determined! And maybe…just maybe…Brock Lesnar won’t win again? I hope so!

To celebrate, I’ve made a pair of posts about favourites. Today is the list of my favourite wrestlers today. Tomorrow is the list of my all-time faves! No better time than the present, so let’s go!

AJ Styles

The Phenomenal 1 may have bounced around TNA and other wrestling federations for a long time before finally getting his shot in the WWE, but he certainly made it count once he got there. Through his brilliant in-ring work that mixes hard strikes, technical grappling, and acrobatic strikes from the top rope, he’s seemingly incapable of putting on a bad match.

Becky Lynch

“The Man”, also formerly known as “Becky Two Belts”, is the single biggest wrestler in the game right now. And it’s well deserved! Having scrapped for every bit of success she had, her feud with former friend Charlotte and the broken nose that occurred just before Survivor Series shot her profile to the stratosphere. I appreciate her hustle and it’s awesome seeing her as the face of the entire industry right now.

Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman is a monster. Not just in real life, but his character is portrayed as having larger-than-life strength. Flipping an ambulance with his bare hands while Roman Reigns was inside stands as a highlight, though I’m always excited to see what mythical feats of strength they’ll have him do next.


Based on yesterday and today’s list, you can tell I have a taste for the high flyers. Ricochet might be the highest flyer of them all.

Having tore his way through the indie scene and NXT, he’s now a feature player in the WWE. I can’t get enough of watching this guy in action, as it feels like he flips 100 times in the air before landing perfectly on his feet. I’m fearful for his life due to the insane gymnastics that are a part of his repertoire, but he puts on an incredible show!

Charlotte Flair

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to Charlotte Flair (sorry David). Built like a tank and athletic as anyone, Charlotte consistently blows me away with amazing performances. I know people have gotten tired of her due to her being pushed to the top incredibly hard, but she’s an amazing performer and one of the best in the biz!


Baron Corbin may have all the heat right now, but Elias is hands-down my favourite heel. Coming out to the ring with his trusty guitar before performing a song that’s insulting to his opponents and the fans, he generates heat like an oven every time he comes out. My wife hates him so much that she wants to turn off the TV every time we see him. To me, that’s about as ringing of an endorsement a heel can get.

Finn Balor

He’s a talented wrestler who for reasons I still don’t understand, will sometimes wrestle in full body paint. But what makes Finn stand out to me is his death-defying finisher: the Coup de Grace.

You and I both know that wrestling features pre-determined outcomes and that these performers are trying their best to minimize the physical toll done to their opponents when they fight. Even so, I don’t understand how Finn Balor doesn’t kill every opponent with this move. Leaping off the top rope, he lands feet-first into his opponent’s midsection. How do you perform this move in such a way that doesn’t crush the internal organs of the person on the ground? Even if I did understand the biomechanics behind it, the move is still my favourite finisher currently in the game!

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