Favourite Jackbox Party Pack Games

Over the course of six entries, the Jackbox Party Pack series has introduced us to dozens of awesome games to liven up any get-together. Paired with the advent of live streaming, and it’s an amazing way to play with others from around the world. During these times, it’s been a great way of interacting with family and friends. We’ve also been streaming it a bit on Twitch and I’ve made many new friends that way. What are some of your faves? Here are a few of my picks!

Trivia Murder Party 1/2

I want to play a game…of trivia? In Trivia Murder Party, all of the players are trapped in a Saw-like dungeon. The only way out is to best your friends in a challenge of trivia questions and life-or-death mini games. With the way that the game is structured, there’s no shortage of exciting and shocking moments. Also, it’s balanced in such a way that most players are in the thick of it right until the thrilling finale. As the icing on the cake, the game’s blend of horror and humour hits all of the right notes. Glad to see Jackbox Games revisit this one with Trivia Murder Party 2 on Jackbox Party Pack 6.

Tee K.O.

Unleash your inner t-shirt designer in Tee K.O.! Using a random assortment of captions and images created by your peers, it’s up to you to create the shirt that will rule them all. Every game of Tee K.O. I’ve played has been filled with laughs. Best of all, you can even order real-life versions of the shirts created in the game! My brother actually got one Tee K.O. creation as a gift for my cousin because…actually, let’s end this story here.

Fakin’ It

Fakin’ It is a clever social deduction games that forces players to find the faker in their group. While all of the non-fakers will get the same question, the faker will get a slightly different set of questions. It’s up to the faker to try and blend in, while everyone else tries to identify the faker based on their in-game answers and their IRL behaviour. It can be incredibly uncomfortable as the faker, but if everyone is okay with the possibility of being on the bot seat, this one can be a riot. This is a game that works best IRL, so maybe skip this one until the whole VOLDEMORT-27 thing is under control.

Mad Verse City

Quite possibly my all-time favourite in the series, Mad Verse City takes the concept of Mad Libs and flips it into a freestyle rap battle. Given the first and third bars in a verse, players are tasked with filling in lines two and four. As a hip-hop fan who may have taken a stab at writing rhymes in a previous life, I can’t get enough of this one.

Split the Room

Split the Room is quite the clever concept. Players are tasked with creating hypothetical questions that will divide the group. Being able to read the group is key to coming up with divisive questions. Personally, I love pineapple on pizza, but that might be a Canadian thing. Thoughts?

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