My Favourite Professional Wrestlers of All-Time

It’s Summerslam day! WWE’s Superstars will set foot in the Scotiabank Arena to take part in one of the biggest wrestling events of the year. Oh yeah, and I’ll be there too!

Yesterday, I outlined my list of favourite wrestlers who are active right now. Today’s the big one! These are my all-time faves! Booyaka booyaka!

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In Third Person Comic Book Show: Fan Expo 2014 Wrap-Up

With Fan Expo now over, I take a few minutes to reflect on the event that was. In the midst of show-and-tell, I accidentally rip some of the art I bought and had to censor some unintended partial nudity.

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Fan Expo Sports Strikes Out

If Fan Expo 2013 was the latest battleground between nerds vs. jocks, the nerds crushed their competition in a lopsided victory. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as this is the first time that sports has been featured. However, the sports aspects of the show themselves turned out to be a bit of a letdown.

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