Snorlax, Street Fighter, Space, and Seclusion in This Set of Spray Paint Art!

Spray painting season continued with my first live stream. Despite the lo-fi streaming setup, the broadcast seemed to work well enough and I loved being able to share this creative process with you.

For those who didn’t watch the stream, here’s what I ended up painting!

Between Light and Darkness

Putting a little twist in the classic planet spray paint art, I attempt to add a light source behind the planet.

Really love the colour of the planet and the blue aura on the left. Wish I had gone back in with the white to get a bit closer to the surface of the planet. Nevertheless, I’ pleased with how it turned out and I’m confident that I’ll nail the light source next time.


Jungle Waterfall

Most of my work takes place in the world of outer space or in video games. But after watching a video where a much more talented artist created a waterfall, I tried my own take based on a loose recollection of how she did it.

Starting with white and blue column, I dragged the paint downward. From there, I sprayed more white and blue at a diagonal. Using the same scraping tool, I move it down the page, swaying side-to-side to create that ripple effect. After spraying the sides black, I sprayed two shades of green together on a scrap piece of Bristol board to act as my palette. Using a sponge, I dip a sponge into the green paint and dab it overtop of the black to create that lush scenery. Lastly, I spritz some white paint at the base of the waterfall to create the effect of crashing water.

This one was easily my fave of the day. It’s quite the departure from my usual work and an opportunity to learn new techniques. Excited to further build on my waterfall skills!

Dirty Snorlax

My buddy stepped in as the subject for my first layered stencil painting. One version is just the outline, while the other included the details of his blue outer area and his face.

Tried to get adventurous and create an inverted galaxy look inside the white area. Instead, it just looks like Snorlax got dirty. Let’s just say he rolled in the mud a bit.

Even so, I’m proud to have pulled off the multi-layered stencil look. Next time I paint Snorlax, we’ll just keep his inside body clean.

Street Fighter: Field of Fate

One of the most iconic stages in the Street Fighter universe is one I’ve wanted to translate in spray paint form for some time. After leaning how to make greenery and finding two character stencils online, I set forward in bringing the idea to fruition.

Conceptually, I really love this one. There are aspects of the execution that drive me nuts. Chomping at the bit to improve some version of this painting in the future. For now, this is a good start!

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