Ice Cream Social w/ Gaming Diaries, Adventure Rules, Later Levels, Switch to Decaf, PlayerTwoStart, and Copper Key Cosplay

We all stream for ice cream! Join Gaming Diaries, Adventure Rules, Later Levels, Switch to Decaf, PlayerTwoStart, Copper Key Cosplay, and I as we eat ice cream and take a deep dive into all of the unique ways people around the world enjoy this delicious treat!

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Full Stream

Use the in-video chapters for highlights!

00:00 – Intro
01:55 – What Ice Cream Are You Eating?
09:29 – Popsicles, Ice Poles, or Freezies?
17:53 – Choco Tacos
20:50 – DIY Coke Popsicles
24:28 – Magic Shell
29:21 – They Don’t Have Ice Cream Cake in the UK?
40:50 – Ice Cream Pizza
42:45 – Funnel Cake
46:53 – Deep Fried Ice Cream
51:30 – Popsicle in Ice Cream = Popeye?
53:50 – Ice Cream in a Slushie?
01:20:00 – Ice Cream Bikes and Other Ice Cream Vehicles
01:09:50 – Double 99 Flake
01:13:30 – The Differences Between North American and European McFlurrys
01:16:10 – Different Candies Named Smarties
01:25:43 – What is a Bulk Barn?
01:30:35 – Rich People Ice Cream?
01:38:14 – Ice Cream at the Beach in the UK
01:44:20 – Dessert at the Heart Attack Grill
01:51:45 – Diner Story (TRIGGER WARNING)
01:56:00 – What’s the Deal With Turkey Legs?
02:02:00 – Final Food Recommendations
02:19:15 – Outro


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