Board Game Talk: 3 Awesome Board Games for Newcomers

If you’re just getting into board gaming or are looking for the perfect entry-level game for your friends to enjoy, here are a few recommendations!

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Board Game Talk: Why Board Games are Awesome

Sorry for the rough production quality in this first episode, but it will get better! In this first episode, I explain why I think board games are great!

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An In Third Person Video Show About Board Games?

epsiode-1-thumbnailFrom let’s plays, to combo videos, to talk shows about comic books, video content is something that I continue to experiment with on the site. It’s been a challenge navigating through a myriad of obstacles that come with creating video content, from coming up with good ideas, to finding the time to record, to learning how to edit video on the fly, as well as working within the technical limitations of my video setup. On February 5th, I’m going to launch my next video venture: a board game talk show.

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