In Third Person’s 10 Steps to Video Game Blogging Success

Welcome to the wonderful world of video game blogging. Though there are millions of video game blogs out there and millions more to come, there’s always room for you to join the party. I don’t have any stats to back this up, but I’m fairly certain that most blogs live a relatively short life, garnering at best a handful of visits a day until the blog owner gets bored of writing. If you have no long-term aspirations for your blog, then leaving it to die after a few weeks or months is fine. With that said, if you have visions of your blog being the next Kotaku, or using your blog as a stepping-stone to work at a blog like Kotaku, you probably don’t want to run the blog that has no readers and stays that way until you eventually abandon it.

In Third Person is not on the level of a Kotaku, Joystiq or Destructoid, but I’ve been able to achieve a certain level of success in the few years I’ve been doing this. To celebrate reaching 100,000 visits, I thought I’d share In Third Person’s secrets to success with you.

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