Spec Ops: The Line Single Player Review

A massive sandstorm has decimated Dubai. At least one major troupe of American soldiers has tried to evacuate the locals with no luck. With that in mind, the U.S. military sends three Delta operators to check if there’s anyone left to save. What starts out like a pointless jaunt in the desert becomes far more messed up than anyone could have anticipated. Continue reading

The Recurring Bosscast: 014 – Exclusive Interview With Fake Ed Boon

Fake Ed Boon addresses the Deathstroke haters, explains why Goro isn’t in Injustice: Gods Among Us, and discusses the complications of making Mortal Kombat vs. NBA Jam. Besides our special guest, Mat’s friend has become a trolling manic, Jason got to play the follow-up to A Link to the Past, and Jett shares two very important facts about Iceland.

Jett – In Third Person
Jason – Downstab
Mat – Biff Bam Pop