Universal Fighting Game Guide: 11 Tips To Help You Survive a Fighting Game Tournament

When it comes to fighting games, there’s nothing more exciting, intense or as important as the fighting game tournament. This is the place where fighting game players who take their games seriously strut their stuff in hopes of winning the big prize, and more importantly, earning the respect of their fellow fighting game playing peers. You can say what you want about how you scrape your friends all the time at your place, or how you’re a legend at your local arcade, or how you’re one of the top ranked players online, but in the new era of fighting games, it’s all about showing and proving at a tournament, especially one that’s being live streamed for viewers around the world to check out.

Though I’m far from a seasoned tournament veteran, I’m still very much feeling the buzz from my time at T12: Toronto Fighting Game Championships, which is the inspiration for today’s post. I think I’ve had enough tournament experience (and have heard enough second-hand accounts) to give you a few words of wisdom if you plan on going to a tournament, especially if this will be your first one.

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