Kudos to Atlus

I’m currently in the process of enjoying Trine 2. It’s a neat puzzle platformer that I don’t think will ever gain any sort of mainstream traction, but I’m glad that it exists. After putting in a few hours into it, I realized that the game was published by Atlus.

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A Look Back at Trauma Center: Under The Knife

Have you ever played the board game Operation? Growing up, I used to always wonder when someone would take the idea of making surgery a game and make that into a video game.Thanks to the advent of the Nintendo DS and touch screen gaming, the idea of surgery-based gameplay came to life in 2005 thanks to Trauma Center: Under the Knife.

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Labour Day Special: Games About Working Real-Life Jobs

Labour Day weekend is meant to be a day where we celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers. As far as video games go, regular occupations in video games include space marine, normal boy who doesn’t know he’s destined to save the world and all-powerful  being with the ability to create farms from the heavens.

The following post highlights a few games worthy of a Labour Day of their own. These video games bravely go into the real-world for inspiration and do their best to make ‘every day’ jobs fun.

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