Two Guitar Heroes For The Price Of One?

In a deal that sounds too crazy to be true, Activision is for a limited time, offering those who purchase Guitar Hero 5 can get Guitar Hero: Van Halen for free before it hits stores.

If I were a Guitar Hero fan, I’d be all over this.

Key word: “if”.

For a myriad of reasons big and small, I’ve hated every single Guitar Hero game since Guitar Hero 2. It’s also worth noting that I began hating the series once Harmonix got bought by MTV to make Rock Band instead.

As someone who has played every single Guitar Hero game not made by Harmonix and disliked it, and as someone who has dropped hundreds of dollars in Rock Band instruments, games and downloadable content, a free copy of GH:VH pre-Hagar only isn’t going to get me back into the series. However, don’t let me rock your boat. If you’re a Guitar Hero fan, there’s much reason to rejoice.

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