Hori EX 2 Was An Epic Fail

I’m not new to this whole video game hardware failure thing. It’s frustrating every single time. Going into this, I knew I was getting an entry-level arcade joystick, but the relatively positive reviews and the trusted Hori brand name led me to believe that I was getting a “good enough” joystick to start with.

So much for that thought.

Within an hour of using the stick, the RT button begun to jam up. It was physically harder to trigger that button than all the rest. Even more disturbing was the fact that it then stopped consistently reading all of my inputs. After only an hour of use, it was already dropping 20% or so of my inputs.

Once I came to that realization, I immediately packed it back up and returned it for a refund. If you had a good experience with the Hori EX 2, great. However, my experience was very bad and has soured me greatly towards low-end arcade sticks and the Hori name.

So what do I do now? The next tier of sticks is almost three times the price of that Hori stick and the best sticks are way too expensive for me to justify. My limited time with the EX 2 has shown me that I can get better at fighting games if I decided to dedicate myself to learning a joystick, but is getting better at Street Fighter worth upwards of $200 for me?

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