In Third Person Passes 200 Posts: Here’s 5 You May Have Missed

200 posts is a fairly big milestone for a blog. I don’t have the stats to back this up, but I’m pretty sure the majority of blogs get abandoned after a handful of posts. I love In Third Person, and I think creating 200 posts by myself in just over 13 months says a lot about my love of games and my commitment to this site.

During that time though, I also switched platforms from Blogger to WordPress. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that the majority of my Blogger readership didn’t make the jump to WordPress and that my WordPress following never dug into the older Blogger posts. If you don’t fit into either use-case, then 200 blog posts is a lot of content to catch up on.

If you’re looking to go back through the In Third Person catalogue, this 201st post highlights 5 posts you may have missed.

25 Things About Me as a Gamer

If you’re not sure about delving deep into my writings, you can start here and see if our gaming experiences and interests match up.

My “Game of the Year” 2009

I had fun writing this one. I got to gush about some of the best games I played last year. Does this foreshadow what will be on my 2010 list?

Unemployed Gamer

Earlier this year, I found myself unemployed for the first time since I was old enough to start working. Even though I had much more serious things to worry about, I wrote a pretty thorough post on what I could to do maximize my gaming dollar while I didn’t have a job.

Heavy Rain and the Potential of Truly Mature Games

I put a lot of thought into this one. The expression ‘mature game’ has been one of the biggest misnomers in our medium. The truth is, the majority of games are still juvenile, with the addition of blood, gore and rare sexual references. Using Heavy Rain as a jump-off point, I delve into the discussion about the potential for games to truly be mature.

I (Don’t) Like to Move It

This one was another post that I put a lot of thought into. After my overall disappointment with Wii motion controls, I’ve become highly skeptical about Microsoft’s and Sony’s foray into the same space the Wii dominates. Check this post out for my reasons why I’m not happy with the current state of motion controls.

With over 200 posts spanning all sorts of games, genres, topics and personal insights, there’s a lot to check out on In Third Person. These are just 5 older posts I thought were worth highlighting. Should you want to chart your own way through In Third Person, I’ve revamped the side navigation to give you a number of ways of finding content you’re interested in. Thank you for checking out my site and I hope you continue to follow In Third Person!

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