Tripping Out with Child of Eden

For my brother’s birthday, I got him a copy of Child of Eden. He’s a big fan of the music and rhythm game genre, and he did enjoy Rez. I on the other hand, fell out of the music game genre pretty hard with the crash of the plastic instrument scene, and couldn’t tell you anything about Rez other than the fact that you could get a vibrator with it.

Going into Child of Eden, I had no idea what to expect. Having just finished two out of the five levels in the game, I not even sure what it was I just played.

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Fan Expo Day One: Among Nerds

An hour after the the Fan Expo officially opened, I received a call from my brother. I was still at work and he had just entered the line, which he said was insanely long. Almost two hours later, he sent me a text saying he just got in.

I was fearing for the worst when my girlfriend and I finally got to the convention centre. There were two lineups facing each other: one for pre-purchased tickets and one for those who needed to buy tickets. Both lines were roughly two blocks long. We got in line, expecting a long, slow, painful trek into the convention centre. To our surprise, our early experience was nothing like my brother’s unfortunate two-hour wait.

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In Third Person Passes 200 Posts: Here’s 5 You May Have Missed

200 posts is a fairly big milestone for a blog. I don’t have the stats to back this up, but I’m pretty sure the majority of blogs get abandoned after a handful of posts. I love In Third Person, and I think creating 200 posts by myself in just over 13 months says a lot about my love of games and my commitment to this site.

During that time though, I also switched platforms from Blogger to WordPress. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that the majority of my Blogger readership didn’t make the jump to WordPress and that my WordPress following never dug into the older Blogger posts. If you don’t fit into either use-case, then 200 blog posts is a lot of content to catch up on.

If you’re looking to go back through the In Third Person catalogue, this 201st post highlights 5 posts you may have missed.

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Thoughts on the e3 Press Conferences

When it comes to the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the main event has always been the press conferences by the major platform holders to start the show. Over the last few years, the major third party developers have begun hosting their own events, which I care little about to be honest. The “megatons” always come from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, so I make it a point to watch the press conferences no matter what.

This year was a bit weird, as I had to “work around my day job” to watch them. However, I saw them all and would like to share my impressions on those conferences with you. Did Kinect connect with the hardcore and mainstream audiences? Did Nintendo abandon the hardcore gamer for good? Did Sony ride its momentum to e3 2010 glory? Hit the link for my impressions.

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