Return of the King of Kong

A few years ago, my girlfriend and I rented The King of Kong documentary. It totally caught us by surprise. I was expecting a video game documentary and got an entertaining and nerdy equivalent of Rocky. You couldn’t help but love Steve Wiebe as he gained, lost, then regained the Donkey Kong high score world record from the clutches of Billy Mitchell, who comes off as the biggest jerk in the world in this movie.

The title has switched hands a few times since the making of this movie, but the latest move will bring joy to anyone that has ever watched The King of Kong. Steve Wiebe is once again, the Donkey Kong high score world record holder.

Steve Wiebe posted a score of 1,064,500, which bested Billy Mitchell’s latest effort by less than 2,000 points.

If you have not seen The King of Kong, do yourself a favour and watch it. You don’t even need to have any background in video games to get any enjoyment out of it. It’s a wonderful David and Goliath story that just so happens to be framed around Donkey Kong.

I’m sure that this high score war will not end anytime soon, as the success of the documentary has sparked others to give chase as well. Prior to Billy Mitchell getting the title back, he lost it to Hank Chan, who only began to play the game seriously after watching The King of Kong. For now though, I send my applause to Steve Wiebe for once again showing Billy Mitchell who the man is.

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