Beating Donkey Kong Country in One Sitting!

Fasten your mine cart seatbelts! We play through the entirety of Donkey Kong Country and it put up more of a fight than I thought going in!

Click through for the full video, highlights, and shoutouts!

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New Themes, a Winners-Only Mode, and More! A Look at the Tetris 99 2.0 Update

From weekend events that pay top players in eShop credit to event-exclusive themes, the best reason to subscribe to Nintendo’s weak online service continues to improve. Tetris 99 got a major bump last week thanks to its 2.0 update and the 2nd half of the Big Block DLC, which introduces exciting new modes, themes, and avatars. Let’s break down the new additions!

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Quick Thoughts on the 30 Games Packed with the NES Classic

While we anxiously await for the release of the Nintendo Switch, we get a blast from the past this holiday season with the NES Classic. I would have bought one in a heartbeat, but it’s on my Christmas wish list. Hoping Santa comes through on this one!

To celebrate, I share some quick thoughts on each of the 30 games in the North American/PAL package. Click through for my thoughts!

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Return of the King of Kong

A few years ago, my girlfriend and I rented The King of Kong documentary. It totally caught us by surprise. I was expecting a video game documentary and got an entertaining and nerdy equivalent of Rocky. You couldn’t help but love Steve Wiebe as he gained, lost, then regained the Donkey Kong high score world record from the clutches of Billy Mitchell, who comes off as the biggest jerk in the world in this movie.

The title has switched hands a few times since the making of this movie, but the latest move will bring joy to anyone that has ever watched The King of Kong. Steve Wiebe is once again, the Donkey Kong high score world record holder.

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