Beating Donkey Kong Country in One Sitting!

Fasten your mine cart seatbelts! We play through the entirety of Donkey Kong Country and it put up more of a fight than I thought going in!

Click through for the full video, highlights, and shoutouts!

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The Greatest Bits is Back With a Donkey Kong Country Remix Album

Friend of In Third Person, The Greatest Bits, is back! In my interview with him, he mentioned that he was working on a Donkey Kong Country remix album. Just a few months later, it’s out!

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Random Christmas Memory

Merry Christmas to you and yours. As a video game blog, I hope you found every game you wanted under the tree this year and that you provided your friends and loved ones with the gift of game as well. Between my brother and I, we received a bunch of games that I can’t wait to dig into. Hopefully with my week off at work I can actually make a dent in them!

Having listened to the latest episode of the Joystiq podcast where they read and play clips of Joystiq readers share their favourite Christmas memories, I thought I would share one of mine with you.

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