Currently No Fix in Sight For Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Game-Breaking Glitch


A few weeks have passed since I encountered a game-breaking glitch in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. My write-up about my experience has been very popular over the last few weeks, presumably because I’m not the only one who has encountered this issue.

Despite our efforts to raise this issue to Ubisoft, I’m starting to get the feeling that a fix isn’t coming anytime soon.

Game-breaking glitches are issues that developers usually take care of shortly after launch, if any occur once the game is out. Within days of gamers complaining about Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit’s problems, EA quickly announced a patch to address these issues. It’s been weeks since multiple Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood game-breaking glitches have been discovered and Ubisoft hasn’t said anything.

Instead, they’ve just announced some new and free downloadable content, due out in the middle of December. Despite it being free, it’s no consolation for the hours I lost playing a game that broke on me.

What do I do now? I was holding out for a patch so that I could continue with my previous save file, but Ubisoft hasn’t said anything about fixing this problem. Do I just restart because I really want to play this game? Or do I stand my ground in refusing to support broken games and get rid of it?

If you were (or are) in my shoes, what would you do?

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