2010 Year in Review: Let’s Talk About the Year’s Best Games

2010 has been an awesome year for gaming. Across pretty much every platform and genre, we had new AAA titles to play throughout the year. Some of the highlights I can think of off the top of my head include Mass Effect 2, God of War III, StarCraft II and Angry Birds, though I’m sure there are dozens of other games worth mentioning.

This is where you come in. With 2010 coming to a close, now’s a good time to talk about gaming’s best of the year. What games do you think were the cream of the crop? Leave a comment and let’s discuss!

6 thoughts on “2010 Year in Review: Let’s Talk About the Year’s Best Games

  1. Josh December 13, 2010 / 2:44 AM

    I would love to vote for Mass Effect 2 in all its glory but I don’t know why, I’m going to lean on God of War III because the experience was more of a whole for me and it was way easier to talk about it with my friends, so God of War III from me.

    • Jett December 13, 2010 / 6:40 AM

      Both are excellent choices. Mass Effect 2 is on my short-list for this year and I’m excited to play Mass Effect 3 next year. If I may ask, why was it easier to talk to your friends about God of War III over Mass Effect 2?

      • Josh December 13, 2010 / 7:53 AM

        Interesting you should ask that, when ever I get in conversation with my friends about games they always try and humour me by not talking about COD, Halo and BFBC. So when ever we talk about Mass Effect someone will say they died in the first 10 hours of the game, story wise respectfully, and we would have a 3 second laugh because he/ she doesn’t know how to take care of their team members. Someone would then point out an anchor point that happened in their story and we would find it hard to relate because, understandably our story experiences would always differ. In God of War III we just love comparing the boss battles, levels and how long it took us to finish it on very hard mode. When we all first played God of War I we were all salivating over the PS2 controller and that day ended up as a sleep over until we finished the game. Don’t get me wrong we did the exact same thing when we got our hands on Mass Effect 2 the day it came out. But its understandable that we would be more excited for God of War III. But we hardly ever do this any more, we only done it for the 2 games this year, sad I know :(. Well Jett I hope I’ve given you a good read please tell me about your Mass Effect / God of War / any other game experience because I would love to see it :). Oh and of coarse leave your game of the year choice for the site and I would love to know.

      • Jett December 13, 2010 / 7:53 PM

        I totally get your point about having a hard time finding common ground with Mass Effect 2. There’s so many different ways that game can shake down. However, I think that’s part of the fun. Unless you’re some sort of Mass Effect masochist, you’ll never see everything that the game has to offer. Personally, I love talking to others about how they played through that game and hearing all the different ways things can shake down.

        What are you and your friends currently playing?

        Thank you for supporting the site! I will continue to share my gaming experiences and my 2010 Game of the Year announcement will happen just before the new year!

  2. Josh December 17, 2010 / 10:41 AM

    Sorry its taken me a while to reply but to clarify its been my pleasure to support this site because for one its nice to talk to someone from the site and not be a complete xbox 360 bias (I’m looking you IGN). Thank you for replying personally, as for the issue of Mass Effect 2 I love that there are countless decisions that you can make in the game and it always matters, BUT, this is only me talking, I sometimes wish I could take back some decisions or re-do them. The game just doesn’t let me do that and I know its for the best but I feel as if I’m missing out on something really big and cinematic. In other games like Castlevainia Lords of Shadow and God of War 3 you are forced down a strict path and although that obviously lacks freedom is still a more beholding experience to me. Even though Castlevainia while very re-playable, visually gorgeous and very similar to God of War I still find it dreadfully horrific in terms of pacing, dialogue etc. I can go on forever but I obviously overstayed my welcome with this argument so I’ll drop it for now. Right know my friends and I thought we would give Call of Duty Black Ops a chance but seeing as how the entire online community of Xbox Live Arcade are trigger happy morons we all left, it is by far the worst $120 I have spent all year, and decided to try and finally complete Demon’s Soul’s. Maybe It gets better on the PS3 community but why waste our time right? There are better games to come by. Oh and Jett did you hear about Uncharted 3! Wow, wow, omg wow I can’t wait. Given that my favourite series is God of War I’m looking forward to this more than Killzone 3, Resistance 3 and the new Motorstorm. What do you think? Also seeing as how I’m the only participant at the moment I will do my best to get some friends over hear but do I have a say in the game of the year choice? Just asking ._.

  3. Josh December 17, 2010 / 10:44 AM

    Just asking._. no pressure._.

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