Pick-Up Post: Blur


Picking up Blur at this point in the game’s life-cycle seems like an odd choice. For one, it’s roughly 7 months old. Two, Gran Turismo 5 is out, which is a much higher-profile racing game. Three, despite its critical acclaim and heavy marketing push, it bombed at retail, which prompted Activision to drop Bizarre Creations.

None of that matters to me. I want to play this game.

Though this is made by the team that brought you the Project Gotham Racing series, this is not a realistic racing game. This has realistic cars, but other than that, it’s grown-up Mario Kart with a Call-of-Duty-inspired leveling mechanic for online multiplayer.

I played the demo when it first came out and enjoyed it. It looked great and it was fun to play. However, it came out during a time where I couldn’t justify picking it up at full price. I flagged it as a game I would pick up when it dropped in price. Maybe if I had picked this up earlier, I could have done my part to prevent the unfortunate fate of Bizarre Creations.

In any case, I have it now and look forward to playing it. I’m not sure what the online community is like nowadays for this game, but I will definitely give single player and split-screen a shot. Stay tuned to In Third Person for impressions on Blur in the near future! If you can’t bear to wait for my thoughts, you can also try out the multiplayer demo, which is out for XBOX Live and PlayStation Network.

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