2010 Year in Review: Time Magazine’s Top 10 Video Games of the Year

Game of the Year lists are a dime a dozen. You can’t throw a rock without hitting five different game of the year lists from any gaming website, message board or blog. If you’re hardcore enough about video games to follow my blog, you’re probably already checking out the Game of the Year coverage from major sites like IGN and Gamespot. From a gamer’s perspective, I don’t expect we’ll see any major surprises cause we all sort of have the same view.

Time Magazine as a publication is pretty far from the gaming zeitgeist. They usually have more pressing world issues to cover. However, they’ve been producing top 10 lists for video games since 2007, which is a great step towards gaming acceptance among the masses. Does their top 10 have any interesting picks? Do they have their ear to the streets when it comes to hardcore gaming? Or is this a list another example of people who just don’t get it?

Time Magazine’s Top 10 Video Games of the Year

1. Alan Wake
2. Angry Birds
3. Red Dead Redemption
4. Halo: Reach
5. Super Mario Galaxy 2
6. Limbo
7. Super Meat Boy
8. Super Street Fighter IV
9. StarCraft II
10. Mass Effect 2

I’m normally not one to judge subjective lists, but for the most part, I respect those picks. That list encompasses a lot of core hits, mainstream smashes and a few indie hits for good measure. I would adjust the order of that top 10, but for the most part, I don’t mind if Time Magazine trots this list out to their audience and says this is the best that gaming has to offer. What do you think of that list?

Will any of these games factor into In Third Person’s Game of the Year? You’ll have to check in on December 31 to find out!

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