Pick-Up Post: Dead Space on the iPhone


With Dead Space 2 hitting stores this week, it’s easy to forget (or miss completely) the fact that Dead Space also came out on iPhone at the same time. Though the console sequel will likely get all of the hype and the love, I think this game is definitely worth some attention of its own.

Dead Space on the iPhone has received some rave reviews and after a few minutes with the game, I can see why. This could have easily been a terrible cash-in, but to my amazement, this looks, sounds and plays like the original Dead Space that emotionally scarred me for life, squashed onto an iPhone.

It might not have Infinity Blade-quality graphics, but it looks amazing on the iPhone. It’s close enough to the XBOX 360 and PS3 version of Dead Space that I don’t really have any criticisms to hold against it. Control-wise, it feels pretty good, while still playing just like Dead Space. You’re not tied to virtual analog sticks for this game. Instead, the game treats the left and right hand sides of the screen to move and aim, which in most cases, works well. The one flag I need to wave now though, is that your main guy is left of center, which can get blocked by your thumb.

I don’t know much about the story in the iPhone game yet, but even that seems deeper than it could have been. The game takes place between Dead Space 1 and 2, and appears to be part of the main story arc. If a good looking and good playing Dead Space wasn’t enough to sway you, maybe the fact that this is official Dead Space cannon will.

Unless this game completely freaks me out or falls apart in quality, I think I’ll continue to play Dead Space on the iPhone. It’s a bit pricey for an iPhone app at $6.99 and there isn’t a demo yet, but I think this would be a safe bet for Dead Space fans. Otherwise, stay tuned for my impressions on In Third Person in the coming days.



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