Pick Up Post – James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game


Rounding out the gaming-related presents I received this Christmas was Avatar: The Game. I received it as a present from my girlfriend’s family, which I truly appreciate.  I enjoyed the movie quite a bit. As for the game? I don’t actually know anything about it.

Having not opened it yet, all I know is what’s on the back of the box. My best guess is that it’s a third person action game, where you play as the blue people and you attack humans with sticks and bows. The box says that it supports two-player local co-op, which I think makes every game better. The game also supports Motion Plus and the Wii Balance Board. I have no idea what the Wii Balance Board is used for, but I have one of those around, so I can try it out, whatever it is.

I’ll probably write about it once I give it a chance. Stay tuned to In Third Person for impressions on this and many more games in the future!

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