Let’s Talk About the Rumored Nintendo Wii Successor

Now would be an appropriate time to use the expression, “megaton”. According to a number of major gaming news websites, the successor to the Wii is going to be announced at or before E3. The internet as a whole is abuzz at what could be the kick-off of the next generation. If you haven’t already heard the rumblings read through to the rest of this post!

Supposedly, this new Nintendo console is going to be notably more powerful than the XBOX 360 or PS3. In other words, yes, your games will run in HD. It will also have a brand new controller that has a screen in it, though there’s been no word on whether or not it’ll be a touch screen. My guess is yes, it will be a touch screen, but don’t quote me on that. Even though it’ll have a new controller, this new system is rumored to be backwards compatible with current Wii games. IGN also reports that this new Nintendo console is going to make a run at winning back the hardcore gamers that have abandoned them over the years.

Come 2012, when this system is supposedly going to be released, will you be in line for one? Are you excited by the prospects of a system with more horsepower and a screen in your controller? What do you think Microsoft or Sony have up their sleeves to counter? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

One thought on “Let’s Talk About the Rumored Nintendo Wii Successor

  1. Josh April 15, 2011 / 1:27 PM

    Jett, this is not an opinion but actual fact and that is that IGN and CVG are the most biased and unreliable entertainment news sources around. You just can’t believe anything they spray at you with their forked tongued smirks. That’s why I rely on blog posts like yours to keep me up to speed with such departments. Now the reason I think of them this way is because they treat us PS3 users like we don’t exist! For instance Crysis 2 launched on the PC, Xbox360, AND PS3 but the reviewer completely lost sight of what versions there are and blatantly said that the game, on the 360, is the best looking game on consoles just because of all it’s pretty lighting effects. It is a fact that Crysis 2 falls short to God of War III in prepossessing power anyway and I just feel it’s unfair for them to jump to conclusions like that! You get the idea and they never give us any proper news, it’s always something about their site or some movie no one is interested in. I for one would love to see actual journalism.
    Now onto the topic at hand here… that fact that IGN said that is will be more powerful than the PS3 is expected because it’s been out for 4 years now, since late 06, and they really need to redeem themselves from the shocking performance of the Wii which had graphics the PSP can match. From this point on all consoles need to be better at something right? That’s the reason to buy them. However, Nintendo has not confirmed any of these rumours spread around by the likes of IGN and CVG because I will state it again, it was an IGN reporter who started the rumour. IGN and CVG have an act for causing a fuss over nothing so they incite excitement because there is no other reason to look at their phoney articles and videos… CVG made David Cage look like a brown nose just because he made Heavy Rain a PS3 exclusive and his company, Quantic Dream, plans to make all future titles PS3 exclusives. David takes pride in this and they defame him for that which is totally unacceptable.
    If you read the whole comment thank you :l

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