In Third Person’s Reader Trends: May 2011 Edition

It’s usually that time of the month when I’d write about In Third Person’s top 5 posts for the month. I don’t want to do that anymore, because I don’t think it told that interesting of a story. I don’t think it benefits anyone when I write about the same 5 or 6 top posts every month that just so happen to be Google aggregate favourites (I’m looking at you, Gaming’s Definitive Moustaches).

Instead, I thought I’d do something more interesting with the numbers. Let me know if you enjoy this format better!

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood 1.03 Patch Does Not Fix Game-Breaking Glitch

For the last few months, this has been the top post on my site, even though this problem was fixed months ago for XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3 owners. I was confused about the situation until I looked at the search results. Turns out, the PC version of the game is behind the console versions in patches, which is why 1.03 has been such a big deal for some gamers. I hope the PC crowd gets their Animus glitch fix soon!

Fighting Games

Fighting games are very much back. This month, everything Mortal Kombat-related was extremely popular. Even my review for the terrible iPhone Mortal Kombat game brought in a lot of traffic. Having spent a few weeks with it now, I can comfortably say that the new Mortal Kombat game is very good for the most part. Expect a final review in the next few days!

Outside of Mortal Kombat, my posts about Marvel vs. Capcom 3 strategies and arcade fightsticks have been consistently popular. As long as new hot fighting games continue to come out, there will be readers who are considering buying an arcade fightstick. I hope my posts have helped some of you purchase a fightstick that you’re happy with.

Fight Night Champion

Everything I’ve ever written related to Fight Night has consistently placed near the top since the lead-up of Fight Night Champion. I don’t think this game has gotten much of any buzz (or sold that well), which is why I’m puzzled as to why my Fight Night related posts do so well. I can’t speak to the quality of Fight Night Champion on the XBOX 360 or PlayStation 3, but I thought the iPhone game was alright.

Sleeper Hits: Top 5 Favourite DS Games and Home Decor for Nerds

Until I recently looked at the numbers, I had no idea that these posts were as popular as they were. In the wake of the 3DS launch, there are still a number of gamers who are either looking for DS games to play, or want to reminisce with me on awesome DS games. Here’s to hoping that the 3DS will eventually follow suit with a solid lineup of its own games.

As for the latter post, it’s done very well ever since I wrote it years ago. Gaming storage is a universal consideration for us all, and it’s interesting to think about how you want to store your games in a way that’s convenient and good-looking. A few months back, I bought a cabinet that holds about 200 DVD cases, which is now almost completely full of games. I probably should go shopping for another storage solution soon.

Not Hot: The Nintendo 3DS

I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t played my 3DS much since I bought it. Despite the cool screen technology, the launch lineup for the system has been awful. I had fun with Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition for a few days, but now it mainly collects dust cause there isn’t anything else I really want to play.

Based on the amount of traffic I get to my 3DS posts (and disappointing sales of the system), you’re just as apathetic about the system as I am. No one is reading my 3DS-related posts, which I think is directly related to the apathy gamers currently have towards the system. The screen itself isn’t going to sell units unless there’s a software lineup to back it up, which the Nintendo 3DS currently doesn’t have. Are remakes of the Ocarina of Time and StarFox 64 enough to boost interest in the short-term? Are there games in development right now that are going to be true killer apps for the 3DS? Here’s to hoping Nintendo steps it up!

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