Street Fighter IV: Volt Update Includes Two New Characters and Punishment For Rage Quitters

Earlier this week, Capcom released its first update to Street Fighter IV: Volt. While the most obvious change to the game is the addition of Sakura and Makoto to the roster, Capcom has also taken measures to curb the rampant rage quitting problem that is ruining the current online experience. On one hand, it boggles my mind to see how childish the community has handled the online experience. On the other hand, it boggles my mind to know that Capcom did not build in any measures to punish rage quitters in the first place.

Now that the update is out, players who intentionally disconnect from a match will receive a loss for that match, as well as a deduction in Battle Points. On top of that, I believe that players who rage quit a lot will be stuck in a place that Capcom calls “rage quit Hell“, where rage quitters are only paired up with other rage quitters. I’m not 100% sure this is how it works, as the description of this change is poorly written on the game’s iTunes page, but I’m pretty sure that’s what Capcom is referring to.

Have I noticed a difference? Yes. I’ve played a number of hours of online, and there are in general, less rage quits. Based on my time with it, I think match-making has been tuned to match non-rage-quitters with each other, as most of the people I play nowadays have very few disconnects tied to their record. If this is what’s actually happening in the back end, then that’s great news.

Have you noticed a difference in your Street Fighter IV: Volt online experience since the update? Tell me about it in the comments!

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