The Team Mechanics of Street Fighter X Tekken

In the world of Street Fighter X Tekken, there old addage, “There is no ‘I’ in team,” couldn’t be more true. Your ability to manage both characters is one of the most important factors that will determine the outcome of your matches. If you’re just getting started up in the world of Street Fighter X Tekken and are looking for some tips to help tighten up your team, you’ve come to the right place. While the game is still early in its life cycle, most of these tips should stand the test of time.


Raw Tagging

Tagging is executed by pressing medium punch and medium kick at the same time. While this is very easy to execute, it’s also not a safe way to tag in. If you raw tag at the wrong time, you’re setting your partner up to eat a giant combo, or worse, cost yourself the match. If you’re going to raw tag, make sure you’re doing it at a safe time. My recommendation is that if you’re going to raw tag, do it after you’ve scored a hard knock down on your opponent. What I like to do in this case is either land a throw or a sweep, then tag while my opponent is still on the ground, though I’m sure you can think of other safe scenarios of when to raw tag.

Health Management

One of the worst outcomes that can occur is losing a round without tagging in your partner at all. Make sure that you make use of both of your partners by tagging them in at the right time. Always keep an eye out on your health and ideally, put yourself in a situation where you can tag your partner in your partner safely. If you can’t tag your partner in safely, it’s better to let your partner eat some damage on the way in rather than have yourself take the final hit and lose the round or match.


Play Style

As people begin to pick apart the game, they’re going to discover who the best characters are and the best team combinations. It’s usually best to not pick top tier just because other people say they’re good. It’s always best to at least start with characters that you like that fit your play style. I personally like playing as fast characters with good mix-up options with a relatively low execution barrier, but it’s all about what works for you. Find two characters you like first, then worry about things like team synergy after.


Once you’ve found two characters you like, it’s up to you to make them work as a team rather than as two distinct characters. This section will cover the finer details of creating synergy between your two characters.


The order in which you select your characters absolutely matters when it comes to creating a team. At the very least, you’ll want to choose your team based on who you want start the fight. However, you’ll also want to consider factors such as who you want to end a round, who builds meter better, who burns meter faster, who starts tag combos better and who ends tag combos better, among a number of other considerations. Once you start to weight out these factors, it should be fairly clear which of your characters works better on point and which works better as an anchor.

Gem Selection

While gem selection is a mechanic that is tied to one character, you should absolutely think about your gem composition with your team as a whole in mind. There are a number of gems that reward team synergy, which should be a part of your gem selection process. If you’re looking to create some team-specific gem load-outs, look for gems that reward switching between partners or improve your overall team synergy. Gems like the ones that reward launchers may prove beneficial to your overall team strategy rather than simply boosting characters individually. Play around with your gem load-outs until you find something that works.

Boost Combo + Cross Rush

The standard boost combo and cross rush are a very important part of the game. Make sure to spend some time in training mode to figure out all of the different cross rush starters and cross rush combo enders you can do depending on which character is on point. Play around with different ways to start that combo depending on the situation you’re in and think about all the different ways you can end it. Maybe one combo ender option will do a lot of damage, while another may push them into the corner and another one might allow you to end with a super if you have the meter. Figuring out all of these options and knowing when to best utilize them will make you a more dangerous player in a relatively short amount of time.

Tag Cancels

Tag cancelling is one of the best ways to bring your partner in safely either to get them out of danger or to continue a combo. This can be done by hitting light punch and light kick as you connect an attack on an opponent. This will cost you one bar, but if done correctly, you’ll open up all sorts of defensive and offensive options for yourself. Be careful however, as a poorly timed tag cancel can lead to both of your characters eating a big combo as you try and switch.

Cross Arts

Besides being one of the flashiest and most damaging maneuvers in your arsenal, it’s another way of controlling which of your characters is in the game. Due to the nature of the move, your point character will go off-screen after you successfully connect your Cross Art move. While it may burn all three of your meters, it may be a way to score a ton of damage, get a fresh character on point and ultimately save you a round (or the match).

Cross Assaults

The Cross Assault is my favourite maneuver in the game; particularly if you’re playing 2v2. If you’re using this by yourself, your options are kind of limited due to the fact that the computer is controlling your partner. However, if you’re playing 2v2, you have the opportunity to coordinate your actions. While I haven’t seen this yet, I’m certain that 2-person team is going to figure out some setups that combo into a Cross Assault, and both people will be able to continue one giant combo for the whole duration of the Cross Assault. If you have a partner to play with, this might be worth exploring.


At this point in the game’s life, you’ll rarely ever see someone use Pandora. While the mechanic grants the remaining character a ton of power, the downsides in most cases outweigh the good. It may take some experimentation with your team, but you may either find situations where you can punish a particular move with a Pandora-powered super, or find a killer way to end a combo with a Pandora-powered character. One use case I know of for the first scenario is in a fireball fight. If your anchor is Ryu and you space it out just right, you can punish your opponent’s projectile by activating Pandora and having Ryu activate his fireball super the moment he’s on screen for big damage.

One Last Tip for 2v2 Players

I think that this game is at its best when you’re playing with a partner. I spend most of my Street Fighter X Tekken time as a team with my coworker. As fun as it is, your success will live and die by your ability to communicate. All of the above responsibilities have to get divided up in 2v2, so make sure you’re talking to your partner all the time so you can stay in sync. If you’re going to buddy up with someone online, you may want to spend some time together in the Briefing Room to get your team combos down, and if you’re really serious, set up a private voice chat line so that you can talk and play at the same time. While using your XBOX or PS3 headset may seem like the more obvious option, using the in-game voice chat means your opponents can hear you speak, too. It sounds extreme, but it could be worth it if you’re serious about team play.

Hope these tips will help you body every fool in your path! If you have some tips that are worth sharing, I’d love to see them in the comments!

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