Now Playing: Trials Evolution

Having never played a Trials game before, I approached this game with a great sense of fear. Though I’ve heard a ton of positive things about the series, the one point that has always deterred me from giving the series a chance is the game’s supposed difficulty. Based on how everyone talked about its difficulty, it really didn’t sound like an experience I’d be interested in.

Recently, I gave Trials Evolution a shot, just so that I could be a part of the current gaming community conversation. In hindsight, I’m kicking myself for not trying this series out sooner.

I’m loving Trials Evolution so much right now. The gameplay is so in my ballpark and my fear of the difficulty was misplaced. The game can be tough, but it’s not difficult in a way that’s turning me off to the experience. At least not yet, anyway. I’ll have a full review coming soon! Here’s to hoping it stays awesome all the way through!

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