An Ode to Rock Band

On one hand, the news of Harmonix’s last round of Rock Band DLC hitting today shouldn’t have stung me as much as it did. I haven’t picked up a plastic instrument in years and had no plans of going back. However, this franchise has left an undeniable mark on my life since its 2007 debut and it’s sad to see the curtains finally close on an old friend.

I’ll always cherish the Rock Band parties I had with my friends and family. The midnight launch I went to for Rock Band 2. The time my brother and I dedicated an entire day to completing the Endless Setlist in the original. The many nights I jammed alone and felt fully absorbed in the music. I’ve easily invested hundreds of hours and upwards of $1,000 or more on Rock Band games, instruments and DLC.

I’ll always be thankful for how it heavily influenced the music I listened to on my iPod. How it changed the way I listened to music to better appreciate the nuances in how instruments were played. How it directly taught me how to play drums to the point where I bought a real drum set and could actually make music. How it also directly influenced me to learn how to play the bass guitar and a regular six-string guitar.

Spanning over 5 years and over 4,000 songs, it kept on rocking long after the music rhythm game party was over. Thanks for everything, Rock Band.

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