How To Beat Deathstroke In Injustice: Gods Among Us

“Aw crap. Another Deathstroke player.”

This assassin-for-hire immediately became public enemy #1 upon the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us. Players of all sorts are crying foul over his seemingly cheap tactics. Instead of sending your Deathstroke-playing opponent whiny hate messages when you lose, why not take the beating to him instead? In this post, I’ll outline a few strategies and tactics you can use to subdue him once and for all.

What makes Deathstroke so good?

At his core, Deathstroke works best from long range. With a number of different gun attacks at his disposal, he can very quickly cut off a large and horizontal swath of the screen almost instantly. In a game where projectiles don’t cancel each other out, he’s going to win the projectile war almost every time. If you do get in close, his Sword Spin and Sword Flip moves can knock you back. You’re essentially fighting against a wall.

The Shoot and Run

What he’s going to try to do is get as far away from you as possible and fire his shots. The shots he has available to him are:

Quick Fire: two fast revolver shots that he can shoot horizontally from the ground while standing or jumping in the air

Low Shots: two fast revolver shots that he can shoot horizontally while crouching

Machine Gun: sprays a horizontal spray of bullets from the ground while standing

Upward Machine Gun: sprays a diagonal spray of bullets upward while standing

If you’re not creative in your movement patterns or have character-specific counters, Deathstroke will keep you at bay by liberally using these moves. Here’s a few options to close the gap:

1. Jump Forward

When he goes for the Quick Fire, Low Shots, or Machine Gun, jump towards him to close the gap. There’s enough recovery time in those moves that you should be able to land without any sort of resistance. Either anticipate when these shots are coming or react upon seeing the startup of the move and go in.

2. Dash Forward

When he goes for air Quick Fire or Upward Machine Gun, dash forward. He’ll be locked into that animation for awhile, and you’ll have the opportunity to dash in at least once before he can recover.

3. Neutral Jump

You don’t always want to jump forward, as this will become very predictable. As an alternative to just blocking, jump straight up. Mixing up your rhythm with neutral jumps will keep you opponents on their toes, as they won’t be able to predict when you’ll make your next push forward.

4. Block and Dash

This is the money play. When he fires off any ground shots, block the shots and immediately dash forward. They take minimum chip damage, and most characters will move a great distance forward. If he shoots again, block and dash. With 2 or 3 reps of this, you should be within striking distance. Once the Deathstroke player notices this, they will try and jump backwards to regain the space advantage. Simply jump forward with them, or dash forward to close the gap yet again. If they’re really smart, they’ll activate Deathstroke’s ability to make bullets unblockable. At this point, simply leverage the other points in this guide to get in until the power runs out.

5. Character-specific counter

At the right range and the right timing, Batman can slide under his shots to trip Deathstroke. Green Lantern can snuff the shots with his force grab with the right timing and distance. Though these are generally less reliable as counters, they can work as viable weapons against the onslaught of bullets. Experiment in training mode to see what works.

The Spinaroonie

When you knock down a Deathstroke player, or they notice that you’re getting too close, many have the tendency to whip out Deathstroke’s Sword Flip move. It sends him sailing through the air, spinning his sword in a circular radius. If it connects, you’re quickly knocked down to the ground, giving him enough time to reset his positioning.

Anticipate when Deathstroke will use it. Odds are, it will happen once you get too close. At that point, simply block it. The moment he lands, he’s vulnerable to a number of different attacks because it’s unsafe on block. Make sure to have a nasty combo ready for this situation, as he’ll have no choice but to eat it.

Make It Count!

Against a good Deathstroke player, you may not get many opportunities to hurt him while in close. When you do, smash him with your most damaging combos. You want to end this fight quickly, as time generally benefits Deathstroke over your character. As your beating him down, be extremely mindful of where the final blow in your combo forces him to land. If you like finishing with a combo that knocks your opponent far away, don’t use that ender. Instead, find a finisher that will keep him close by. By knocking him away, you’re actually just resetting the space in his favour. Stay in his face and you’ll be in a much better position to win!

Hold That L, Deathstroke

He might seem overpowered at this point in the game’s life, but he’s absolutely beatable. The trick is creatively close the distance and make it an up close and personal affair. With the above tips, you should be able to make many Deathstroke players regret choosing him at the character select screen.

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