Death By Decapre

Decapre Mix-UpI have to admit that I didn’t expect to get much out of Decapre. Based on her similarities with Cammy and my struggles with using the original Killer Bee, I figured that any time with Decapre would end in disappointment. Don’t want to jinx things, but so far, Decapre is working out much better than expected.

It’s the little things that sets the two characters apart. In terms of normal moves, a few of Decapre’s unique maneuvers are highly effective in the right situations. Her neutral jump heavy punch attack has her diving downwards with both claws extended out. I like this as a neutral jump attack, as it works better for hitting standing our crouching opponents. She also has one of the best chain combos in the game, which is a simple two-button sequence that you can end with an air throw. You get good quality damage out of it and it’s such a simple combo to execute.

When it comes to their special moves, they have maneuvers that sort of look the same, but work very differently. Both characters have a Spiral Arrow, though Cammy’s version travels along the ground and Decapre’s starts in the air and trails downward. Cammy’s is more useful overall, though Decapre’s version makes for an interesting air-to-air tool when someone is jumping at your. It also works to hit grounded opponents, though it’s much more risky to do so. They also share a dive kick, though the way in which they’re executed is quite different. Cammy’s requires players to do a quarter-circle motion while they’re in the air, while Decapre’s is a follow-up to her Scramble. What I prefer about Decapre’s dive kick is that it’s very easy to execute a low dive kick, as you just have to mash out a kick button as soon as you do the scramble. She can’t do the dive kick as often as Cammy due to having to charge the move, but being able to easily pull off a low dive kick consistently is a fair trade-off.

Speaking of the Scramble, this is the move that makes Decapre fascinating. In a blink, she disappears from the screen, either darting straight at you, or through the air at a sharp angle. When she reappears, she has so many different options available to her. In one instance, she could be dive kicking you in the face. In the next, she could be dropping directly behind your head with a ground pound. Or, she could even reappear where she started, which is a great way to make your opponents over-commit to a counter. I love the sensation of power I get from blinking off of the screen, knowing that my opponent is panicking as they try to correctly guess where I’ll be next. As I’ve put in the time to learn the nuances of the maneuver, it’s getting harder for my opponents to catch me.

Decapre Scramble PunishMost people use the Scramble to approach grounded opponents as they get up, but I’ve discovered that it also makes for an excellent counter move as well. When people try and jump at me or attack with a big move, she can simply zip by and hit them from behind. A lot of people don’t realize the move can be used this way, so I score a lot of free damage this way. Opponents will eventually smarten up and consciously defend against this, but trying to defend against this will likely make them less aggressive, which only opens the door for me to attack with full force.

Decapre Uppercut ComboAnother move of Decapre’s that I really like is her Psycho Sting. After charging downward for a few seconds, she can unleash a huge uppercut that does great damage and has a far-reaching horizontal hit box. It’s clearly meant to be an anti-air move, though it’s not hard for your opponents to sail past it if you time it wrong. Instead, I like it more as a move to finish off a combo. I’m not as consistent with ending my combos with the uppercut as I should be, but I’m certainly working on it.

http___makeagif.com__media_10-09-2014_wFR1h7The one move I still need to master is her Rapid Slash, which I’ve gone into great detail about in a previous post. I’m slowly getting better at being able to do the combo into it consistently, though it’s not fully reliable today. Once it is though, I think it’s going to go a long way towards making my Decapre a threat on the ground.

I still have have a ways to go before I consider myself to be a master of the character. She may even fall short of the bar that my Rose and Rolento have reached. However, I’m pleasantly surprised by how well things have clicked between Decapre and I to-date. If I peak right here, I’m totally fine with that. However, if I manage to push further, things could get really messy for my opposition.

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