Amiibo Story: Sheik

Sheik AmiiboDue to a lack of foresight, I kind of already said everything I wanted to about Sheik in my Zelda Amiibo Story post from a gameplay perspective. Because of that, let’s just skip to the shopping experience and what I think about this particular figurine.

Back in late December, I cracked. I hit a point where I realized that the best bet for scoring any Amiibo figures was to pre-order them as soon as possible. At that moment, I put in pre-orders for Toon Link, Sheik, Bowser and Mega Man. Hours later, all four would disappear from Amazon Canada and I haven’t seen three out of four of those figures on there since.

When they started popping up in stores, my Amazon order was still listed as TBD. Instead, I placed a reservation on Sheik at the Best Buy close to my house. Funnily enough, when I went to pick her up, the sales rep asked me, “Are these things popular? We got flooded with orders as soon as they came online.” Sheik may be considered one of the easier-to-find characters nowadays, but that first shipment of them were scooped up long before they ever hit that store shelf.

Sheik AmiiboIn terms of how her figure looks, she’s not my favourite. I’m not a fan of how her pose forces the figure to have a clear stick of plastic bolted to her leg in a way that looks like it’s going up her butt. Also, something about the design just strikes me as rough. Maybe it’s because most of the other Amiibos feature simpler costume designs, but this one just doesn’t pop like the others do. Side-by-side with Zelda, I like the look of the princess in her regular outfit is a lot more striking and appealing to the eye. Still, I’m glad to have Sheik as part of my collection. I adore that character for everything she did in Ocarina of Time, and I would have been greatly deflated if she slipped through my fingers.

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