Light at the End of the Amiibo Tunnel?

One of the first things I do when I wake up in the morning is to browse the internet on my phone while still lying in bed. On this particular morning, while scrolling down my Facebook news feed, I saw a post from five minutes ago that showed Marth in stock at Walmart. Without hesitation, I ran to my computer and purchased both him and Wii Fit Trainer. After months of scouring the internet for pro tips and refreshing online stores for figures, I scored two thirds of the original holy trinity at retail price before brushing my teeth.

Is this a sign of Amiibo supply finally meeting demand?┬áTo quote an expression I use at work all the time, “LOL! No.”

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Amiibo Story: Sheik

Sheik AmiiboDue to a lack of foresight, I kind of already said everything I wanted to about Sheik in my Zelda Amiibo Story post from a gameplay perspective. Because of that, let’s just skip to the shopping experience and what I think about this particular figurine.

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