SteamWorld Dig Review

What lies in the depths of Tumbleton? Rusty is about to find out SteamWorld Dig. I played this game on the Nintendo 3DS, though it’s available on just about everything at this point. Having inherited a mine from his uncle, he decides to explore it for himself.

I’ve kind of been ducking this game for years, as it just didn’t sound like a game that I’d be interested in. After receiving it as a gift and with nothing to do on a train ride to Montreal, I decided to give it a go. Boy was I ever missing out on an awesome game.

SteamWorld Dig is a platforming game with some puzzle-solving and adventure elements. At the start of the game, you get a pick axe and a lantern with just a bit of fuel in it. With those tools, you start from the top of the mine and dig downward. Along the way, you’ll gather elements that can be sold for better loot, though you’ll have to do it while fending off the enemies that lurk underground. Since you have to climb back to the surface before your fuel runs out, you can only dig in short bursts.

Once you get back to the top, you’ll sell all of the precious stones you dug up and use the money to buy better gear. With an improved tool set, you can dig faster, deeper and for longer periods of time. You’ll also get better weapons to fight the enemies with. This continues until you reach the game’s conclusion.

Part Super Mario, part Dig Dug and part Minecraft, SteamWorld Dig is an experience that immediately grabs your attention and won’t let go until it’s over. Once I started, I was completely enamored with exploring everything there was to see in this game. Aside from the combat, which starts out rough due to your pick axe being such a poor weapon, the acts of collecting loot, maneuvering deeper into the mines and managing your time was always entertaining. Even the combat improved over time, as better weapons made fighting more worthwhile.

Just about everything is perfectly paced as well. As you get better gear, there’s always somewhere deeper and better to see with the new gear you just got. By the time you feel like you’ve had your fill, the game is over. It was an awesome five hours for me, though I’d gladly play though the whole thing again if the opportunity arose.

I made the mistake of passing up on SteamWorld Dig years ago. If you haven’t played it yet, it’s not too late to correct that. This game is an excellent game that nails almost everything. With it being available on almost any platform, you have no excuse. Though it came out years ago, this might be my surprise game of 2015.

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