Acer Predator Thronos and my Frivolous Gaming-Related Purchases

At IFA 2018, Acer revealed what might be the most insane gaming chair of all-time. The Predator Thronos is an elaborate gaming chair that supports up to three 27″ monitors, has a kick-out leg rest, lights, vibrates along with the games, and is motorized so that the whole apparatus can rotate 140 degrees if you feel like playing while lying down. Before we even talk about the chair’s weight (400lbs!) or its price tag ($1,399 USD!!!), the very conceit of this chair is certainly above and beyond a more “reasonable” gaming expense.

I may not have spent $1,400 on a chair, but I have spent my money on gaming-related items that were frivolous in nature. Here are a few of them!

Gameboy Advance SP Classic NES Edition

Upgrading from an original Gameboy Advance to the SP made a lot of sense. The switch to a clamshell design protected the screen, and the new backlit screen made the console actually playable in less-than-ideal lighting situations. Towards the end of the console’s life, Nintendo rereleased the handheld with a limited-edition version that took design cues from the NES. Enamored by the mix of old and new, I traded in my old silver SP for a new silver one with an extra layer of NES paint. Completely unnecessary, but totally “necessary” for nostalgia sake. Nowadays, Nintendo has pulled this trick a number of times and I haven’t fallen for it since. It is really cool to have though.

Big Brain Academy Board Game

Hot off the heels of Brain Age, Nintendo’s other brain-training game is oft-forgotten with good reason. At least Brain Age had Sudoku as a reason to come back to it, but Big Brain Academy wore out its welcome within minutes. So why would I even bother buying the board game from a thrift store? I’m never going to play it. I don’t even like the original game. I just thought it was a nifty slice of Nintendo history that now takes up more space than it should.

Snorlax Bean Bag Chair

I love Snorlax in video game form and bean bag chair form. It’s one of my favourite Pokemon and you can usually see him peeking out in the background of my streams. However, we rarely ever sit or lie down on it, as we already had ample furniture in the house to begin with. Was it really worth the hundreds of dollars for it to mostly act as a subtle decoration on my stream?


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