10 Years of In Third Person: 25 More Things About Me as a Gamer

10 years ago, I introduced myself through a list of 25 Things About Me as a Gamer. As of today, with over 2,000 posts in the chamber, you probably already know way more about me as a gamer than you care to take in. But if you’re just tuning in, or if you want a Coles notes update to how I’ve grown since I wrote the first list, here you go!

  1. It took me almost 30 years to beat Super Mario Bros. on the NES. Finally did it with the help of the NES Classic and save states. If that doesn’t count, then no, I’ve still never beaten it.
  2. I don’t play PC games because I’m still bitter about Doom not running on my 386 PC in the early 90s. Now that I actually have a PC with enough horsepower to play modern games, maybe I should give the platform another chance.
  3. On our first date, my now-wife introduced me to her favourite game: Crash Team Racing. I will never be good enough win a race against her.
  4. Since the start of this blog, I’ve grown to become a fighting game enthusiast. I have participated in a number of fighting game tournaments in the last 10 years. My crowning achievements were winning the WorldGaming Street Fighter V regional finals in Kingston, placing 17th at the WorldGaming Street Fighter V national championships and placing top 8 at the 2017 ARMS tournament at Fan Expo.
  5. I own a lot of games, but I don’t consider myself to be a collector. I think the distinction comes from getting enjoyment out of the process of adding games to the collection. Not actively seeking out games for collection purposes, but I respect the hustle of those that do!
  6. Despite recent events, I still maintain a dream of owning a Street Fighter II arcade machine in my house someday.
  7. My wife almost proposed to me with an Xbox One. I would propose later on with a proper engagement ring, but how cool would it have been had she proposed with that Xbox?
  8. I’m awful at Dark Souls and any games in that style. Numerous attempts at starting have proven that I’m not cut out for that life.
  9. 10 years later, I’m still listen to some of the same gaming podcasts, including Player One Podcast, Giant Bombcast, and IGN Game Scoop.
  10. Playing Rock Band gave me enough drum skills to play the real thing at a rudimentary level. Since then, I’ve also started to learn the guitar, bass, and ukelele. I’m still bad at all of them.
  11. My favourite Overwatch characters are Ashe, D. Va, and Hanzo.
  12. I think the Nintendo Switch is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It’s ability to work equally well as a home or portable platform is a true game-changer. Makes my commute so much better!
  13. In the past decade, I have discovered the virtues of modern board games. A far cry from the games of yesteryear, this new era of board games is filled with fantastic titles for games of all ages and skill levels! My wife and I’s collection takes up a sizable portion of our basement.
  14. The first game I ever received an advanced review copy for was Bloodforge. It was awful…and quite the learning experience for what writing about video games as my career could look like.
  15. I have my preferences when it comes to games, but I’m willing to give almost anything a shot once!
  16. If you catch me in the streets, I’m probably playing Pokemon Go. Gotta catch ’em all!
  17. Streaming is a cool way for me to get my voice out there and interact with other gamers. However, I think there will always be situations where I would prefer to share my thoughts in a written form.
  18. I have a massive knowledge gap when it comes to the PlayStation 1 and 2. I actively avoided those consoles back in the day. Hoping to fill that in someday!
  19. I will sing the virtues of Lords of Vegas until the cows come home. It’s my #2 all-time favourite board game and it doesn’t get much discussion, even within the hobby tabletop gaming community. It’s fantastic and you should give it a shot! Also, you can find me on Board Game Geek here!
  20. I’m bullish when it comes to my support of ARMS, as it’s a game that I love dearly that I feel is unfairly beat up by the greater gaming populace. It’s a really good game that sold incredibly well considering its circumstances and relative to other games in the genre! Get hyped for ARMS 2…someday!
  21. My most outlandish piece of gaming merchandise is my wife and I’s Snorlax bean bag chair.
  22. When it comes to fighting games, fightsticks are my preferred weapon of choice. I currently own seven different fightsticks across multiple consoles.
  23. For years, I’ve been pushing this idea of The Notebook: The Game. Not so much a literal game based on the movie, but a game whose story and gameplay are built around the interactions of love and romance. And no, not in the socially-taboo template that many dating sims have followed, or the creepy Super Seducer, but a game about this subject that is as socially-acceptable as something like The Notebook. I guess Dream Daddy would be close – if not all the way there – but I want to see a world where the subjects of love and romance in games are as socially-acceptable as they are in every other medium.
  24. As I have gotten older, the idea of gaming being an inclusive medium has moved higher on my priority list. I really believe that gaming is a medium that everyone should be allowed to enjoy whatever aspects of the hobby they want without persecution or harassment. And when we disagree on something, let’s have a healthy debate instead of resorting to name-calling or personal attacks.
  25. In 2018, my family, friends, and I took part in the Extra Life gaming marathon in support of the Children’s Miracle Network of Hospitals. Being able to raise as much as we did for such a good cause means the world to me, and I look forward to doing it all over again with the crew this year!

Now it’s your turn. You don’t have to give me 25 points, but tell me a bit about yourself in the comments!

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