Double Jump vs. In Third Person in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu! This Time, It’s Personal…

Click to watch the full video!!

Last night, Kris from Double Jump continued her Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu adventure on Twitch. After she was done chipping away at the main campaign, she invited me on for a rematch!

We had some awesome battles, but I think the best part of hanging out with Kris was the conversation we had. During the battle and well after it was over, we just chatted for a long time and that was even more entertaining! The conversation went everywhere, from Bird Box, to Wonder Woman, Britney Spears, crazy hair styles, nightmare tales from our past retail jobs, my most epic fart, that time Kris almost lost an eye, and more! Kris and Rachel, we need to figure out how to make this off-topic chat a thing. Doesn’t matter if it’s your channel or mine, or if it only occurs once in a blue moon, we have to do it again because it was too much fun not to 😀

Here’s a few highlights to whet your appetite:

My most epic fart

That time Kris almost lost an eye

Kris wins!

You should head over to their channel at to watch the full video!

If you haven’t already, give Double Jump a shot! They make awesome gaming content for their site that’s released daily and they stream multiple times a week. I sing their praises as friends and content creator colleagues all the time because they’ve earned all the adoration and hype I send their way.

Follow Double Jump on everything!

Twitter @doublexjump

Instagram @doublexjump

Twitch @xdoublejump

#teamkris #teamrachel #freeunclericky #fartthatstoppedaschool #oneyedkris

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