10 Years of In Third Person: The Post That Changed Everything

About a year after I started the site, I bought a PlayStation 3. It was the first Sony console I had ever owned and I took some time to write my impressions of the hardware at the start. The piece has an odd flow to it, as I spend most of the time nitpicking at its issues before trying to sweep it under the rug at the end by saying my overall impressions were positive. Not at all my best or most personal piece of work.

But on a special day in 2010, it became the single biggest turning point for In Third Person.

Back then, WordPress used to feature posts from content creators on its front page. Someone at WordPress liked my post enough to put that post on there. For 24 hours, my traffic hit heights I’d never seen before. It was awesome watching the numbers go up and the comments flood in.

The bump ended up impacting the site long after that. When it happened, I vowed to create content at a regular pace and wouldn’t stop until it bottomed out to where I started, which was basically zero. The traffic never bottomed out, so I never stopped creating.

WordPress no longer features content on its front page, but there are more ways to get your content out there. Take control and share it on social media! You never know who will find it and share it. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had my work shared in weird places all over the world, and I’m truly appreciative to everyone that’s every checked it out!

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