Kickstart Guide to Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

Go! Go! Power Rangers!

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid pits the legendary warriors in spandex in a 3v3 fighting game similar to Marvel vs. Capcom and Dragon Ball FighterZ. While its controls and gameplay systems have been simplified somewhat relative to other tag fighters on the market, you’re going to have to put in the elbow grease in order to access the most damaging combos, head-scratching mix-ups, and brick wall defense. This is by no means a comprehensive guide to the game, but here are a few pointers to get you ready for morphin’ time!

Manual Labour

When you’re first learning the game, it’s great to have the auto-combos handy. By mashing the light, medium, or heavy attacks, you’ll perform a unique combo tied to each button. However, these auto-combos have some big limitations. Most notably, you can’t combo into special moves or super moves with the vast majority of auto-combos.

Instead, start getting used to doing light attack > medium attack > heavy attack. After the heavy attack, you can then combo into a special move. After the special move, you can then combo into a super move if you have enough stocks. With this one change, your wimpy auto-combo can now lead to much bigger damage with only a bit more work on your end.

Ready for Launch

Every character in the game has a move that launches their opponent into the air. Make sure you know what it is for every character you play, as it’s a critical building block for extended combos. Oftentimes, you can jump cancel the launcher, allowing you to land more hits in the air before bringing them back down. Heck, in certain cases, you can even launch them again! Mixed in tandem with special moves, assists, and supers, the launcher becomes a key component of your offense!

EX-it Plan

By hitting the light attack and special move button together, you perform an invincible uppercut. It makes for a great combo ender when you need to squeeze out a bit of extra damage, but it works best as a “get off me!” move when your opponent is pressuring you a bit too hard. Keep in mind though that these are a limited resource. More importantly, if the opponent sniffs out that you’re using it a bit too frequently, they can bait the uppercut, block it, then hit you with a huge punish. Use it sparingly!

Tag! You’re it!

As if fighting with one character wasn’t hard enough, fighting with three is a whole other level of complexity. When you first start out, it’s easy to simply forget about that aspect of the game, fighting with your point character until they die and the next hops in. You might be a long way from creating double-tag-side-to-side-takeover mix-ups, but let’s start slow.

At the very least, when your point character starts to get hurt, get in the habit of tagging in a fresh fighter. By doing so, the wounded warrior can recover the blue life in their health bar. From there, start using assists as an extra special move. Once you get in the habit of using assists in the first place, you can build yourself up to a point where you can really use them as combo extenders or for mix-ups.

Let your backbone slide

Normally, when a fighter hits the ground, a combo cannot be continued. Except in one particular case. There are certain moves in the game that cause your opponent to slide along the ground. The Green Ranger’s forward medium attack does a kick that does this. For moves like this that cause the slide, you can immediately cancel into super and the super will connect! Try it in training mode to get a feel for performing combos off the slide, as you never know when you’ll need that tactic!

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