Dollar Store Deep Cuts

As Steff and I pulled up to our local Chapters book store, we noticed that the dollar store next door was closing down. On a whim, we decided to check it out. We weren’t disappointed!

The highlight for me was a sealed copy of M.U.G.E.N! I guess in its earliest of days before the advent of online distribution, someone took the effort to package it on disc. With “just” 220 characters, it’s a far cry from the seemingly-limitless roster the game has now! Check out the description on the back of the box!

Going deeper into the clearance bin was a skunkworks game titled Brudal Baddle. Distributed by a company called Software Evolution, this looks like the worst Mortal Kombat knock-off I’ve ever seen!

Thankfully, the Internet saves the day with video to essentially confirm that this is the worst Mortal Kombat knock-off I’ve ever seen!

Another banger from Software Evolution, MIG29II Fighter Combat! Too bad I haven’t had a 3.5″ disc drive on my computer in…20+ years? Also, I’d love to learn more about the life and times of Software Evolution. They were…prolific.

One more disc to share and this one is an official Microsoft product. This game sampler includes demos for games you might actually know, such as Diablo, Road Rash, and You Don’t Know Jack. I wonder if this is actually worth anything?

Didn’t buy any of those games, but I did get this sick Oreo yo-yo for $0.50. Did I make the right call?

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