Extra Life 2019 Post-Mortem – Part 3

During the first two parts of this post-mortem, I focused a bit too much on the nitty gritty details of running an Extra Life campaign. Now that I got that out of my system, let’s get to the fun stuff! Here’s an assortment of highlights, memories, and shoutouts!

Super Mario Penitentiary

Kris and Rachel from Double Jump spent the morning playing Super Mario Maker 2 and Jackbox Party Pack 6 with us. One particular moment that I’ll carry with me is the trap Randy and I got stuck in during one Super Expert level. Columns of POW blocks are meant to be smashed from below while another player above runs through the open pathway and gets the key. However, both Randy and I get stuck in one of the holes, while Kris is unable to get back to us. We end up spending the rest of the level stuck in a 1×1 space, laughing hysterically at our plight.

Scalpel Dog and Anime Magic Girl

What’s not to love about a Sailor Moon wannabe and a knife-wielding dog in the zombie apocalypse? Unfortunately, Anime Girl tragically lost her life after accidentally hitting an explosive device and Scalpel Dog didn’t last much longer.

Everything Pictionary Air

One of the games I kept a surprise until the last minute was Pictionary Air. A modern take on the classic, the artist draws in the air with a special pen and the lines are viewed through a smartphone or tablet. Sorting out the logistics for streaming this game got really messy, but we had such a blast playing it!

This one moment in particular really stands out. Starting with what many are confusing as an angel, Jascha finishes his drawing with a star. Turns out, he was drawing Darth Vader?! Will go back through the footage and crop even more highlights to share on social media!

Randy wins in Tetris 99 (click to view full clip)

Coming down to the final two, Randy badly misplaces an I-piece and it appears as though he’s toast. Instead, he makes the incredible comeback to steal the victory! In terms of sheer gaming skill, that might have been the highlight of the event!

Jam Out! (click to view the full clip)

In the wee hours of the morning, Jason convinced Steff, Michelle, and I to play ToeJam & Earl. Though we didn’t seem to get it, we went into hysterics when we saw the game’s Jam Out mode. As a quasi-music-video-maker, you get a bit of control over each character’s movements as they dance to the songs and cycle through an assortment of backgrounds. Maybe it was only funny because we were exhausted beyond belief, but that mode sure is…something.

Janis Takes Us on a Ring Fit Adventure

Just like last year, my cousin Janis showed up right at the end of the marathon to help us close things out. This time, she stepped by playing a lengthy stretch of Ring Fit Adventure. It was a great opportunity for us to see how the game’s main story works. I would have been sweating bullets had I gone through the same workout, but Janis got through it without breaking a sweat!

Your Support Was Tremendous!

During last year’s run, there was a lengthy stretch of time during the overnight shift where no one was watching us. This year, you kept us company for the entire 25-hour run. Simply amazing! We hope you enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed yours!

More importantly, you came through with a number of donations! Including some of the donations that came in after the marathon, we’ve raised $1,218 for Extra Life! All of the proceeds go towards the Children’s Miracle Network of Hospitals, who take care of tens of thousands of kids every day.

It’s an honour to be a part of such a wonderful movement. All of these donations truly make a positive difference on the lives of children in pediatric care. Since we started participating in this event in 2018, we’ve now raised over $2,000 in support of the cause. Will do everything I can to continue supporting the cause for the foreseeable future.

At SickKids Hospital in Toronto, our donations last year went towards redecorating their CT Scan so that it wasn’t scary for kids anymore. This made it quicker for doctors to get clean scans, ultimately allowing them to tend to more children in a timely manner. Furthermore, SickKids Hospital in Toronto is in the midst of rebuilding the entire hospital. We’re helping to lay the groundwork for the future of child care in our community and that’s something we can all be proud of.

Watch the Full Marathon!


    • Thank you to everyone who donated to the Children’s Miracle Network of Hospitals! That includes: Wendy, Casey, Anonymous, Robert, Marylou, Randy, Eric, LiterallyTony, TheMechanicalSeaThiefSpectre, JWTETRIS, Annabelle, Janis, Anonymous 2, Amanda, Jason, Double Jump, Anonymous 3, Dave, Janell, Mat, The901istriggeringgoodnight, Mork, Maria, Mr. D. Bottoms, Later Levels, Anonymous 4, Mikey, and John!
    • Thank you to everyone on my Extra Life team who helped make this show happen: Steff, Randy, Michelle, Jascha, Kris, Rachel, Jon, Jason, Jenna, Janis, Maria, & Mat! I appreciate you dedicating your time and effort towards playing on stream, helping me organize everything, and spreading the word. This was a team effort!
    • Thank you Double Jump, jsick06, Later Levels, TWOTALL4UFOOL, ExtraLifeTO, PlayerTwoStart, kissingthepixel, and sir_determination for hosting!
    • Thank you Wendy for dropping by the house at an ungodly hour to keep us company!
    • Thank you to everyone that tuned in! We appreciated your company throughout the entirety of this 25-hour run!

One more thing! It’s not too late to donate through Extra Life! Make a difference in the lives of children in pediatric care by making a donation today through the link below! Take care!


Support the Children’s Miracle Network of Hospitals by Donating Through Extra Life

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