Headshots! – Rogue Company Live Stream with switchtodecaf, playertwostart, and mulligoon

Switch to Decaf and I caved and bought the Rogue Company Founder’s Pack. Though I haven’t had much time to try much of the new cast, I’m particularly intrigued by the game’s lone sniper. We also discuss toxicity in gaming/streaming and my penchant for not reading books.

Click through for the full stream and shoutouts!

Full Stream

Use the in-video chapters for highlights!

00:00 – Intro Song “Saving the Day”
4:25 – Game 1 as Ronin
16:15 – Game 2 as Talon
19:40 – Free-to-Play Games That Burned Me
24:00 – Toxic Behaviour in Gaming/Streaming
39:00 – Game 3 as Vy
53:00 – Game 4 with Dima
56:50 – Single Player vs. Multiplayer
01:04:05 – Jett Doesn’t Read Books?
01:06:00 – Game 6 with Phantom
01:25:55 – Game 7 with Phantom
01:41:30 – Game 8 with Phantom
01:45:00 – Being Filipino
01:57:00 – Game 9 with Dima
02:16:30 – Game 10 with Scorch
02:38:30 – Game 11 with Ronin
02:58:00 – Game 12 with Dima
03:12:45 – Game 13 with Phantom
03:22:30 – Game 14 with Phantom
03:34:00 – Game 15 with Ronin


Intro Song “Saving the Day”

Long Range Knife Kill

Should Have Ducked

Solo Team Kill

Drop That Money

4 Quick Kills

Why Did I Roll Away?

Explosive Knife, You Da Real MVP

Controversial Ending


    • Thank you switchtodecaf, PlayerTwoStart and muligoon for joining me on today’s stream!
    • Thank you coolkid10xl and Philds for the follows!
    • Thank you to everyone who hosted my channel during this stream!
    • Thank you to everyone who tuned in! Always appreciate your company!

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