My Favourite Guns in Rogue Company

Each rogue in Rogue Company possesses a number of unique abilities and gadgets to set themselves apart from the competition. Some of these attributes can be real game-changers, such as Ronin’s explosive knife. But when I hit the character select screen, my choice of rogue is driven by which gun I’m taking to war.

When it’s time to battle, here are the guns I’m taking with me!


The Fixer’s signature weapon is one of the most unique sniper rifles I’ve ever used in a video game. Featuring an abnormally quick firing rate, you can instantly down an enemy with two quick body shots. Without the need to hit headshots or die, this gun is insanely powerful…to a point.

Its fundamental weakness comes from its two-shot mag size. If you don’t kill in those two shots while in a firefight, you’re basically dead. Furthermore, the gun has been nerfed numerous times to take down its potency. Most recently, it lost the perk that allowed it to hit for full damage from any range. Lengthy shots now eat a damage penalty, making one-hit kills from headshots no longer a reality if you’re far enough.

Even so, I have so much fun battling with this gun. At this point, it’s probably not the weapon I’m most proficient at. But if I get first pick, I’m almost always going to take the Tyr.


Wielded by Ronin and Dima, the KA30 might be the best all-around gun. This assault rifle is effective at short-to-mid range, which is the vast majority of encounters you’ll face. It does solid damage and a spray pattern that’s a bit more focused than you’d expect. Save for anything other than a sniping battle, the KA30 is going to serve you well in almost any firefight.


In recent weeks, I’ve cooled a bit on Dima’s signature DMR. Its time-to-kill is a bit long for my liking, especially compared to his KA30. However, it still has its perks. Most notably, its surprisingly accurate for a burst-fire weapon, making it most potent when picking enemies off from mid-to-long range. But if you find yourself in a close encounter, a well-aimed burst of shots to the head should do the trick!


Dallas’ Devotion DMR packs quite the punch! This single-shot rifle has great range and can drop a foe with two headshots or three body shots. When I first started playing Rogue Company, this was the first gun that caught my attention. I don’t play as Dallas much these days, but this is the gun I choose when I do.

The major trade-off with the Devotion is that you have to reload bullets one-at-a-time. Once you zip through the clip, you’re either pushed out of the action to reload or dead. Better make those shots count!


The LMP-X is my favourite SMG. Quickly launching a hail of bullets, its basically a buzz saw in close. Unlike some of the other SMGs in the game, the LMP-X has a slightly more focused spray pattern, making it at least somewhat usable if you’re caught in a mid-range battle. Make sure to manage your magazine though, as you usually fly through an entire clip for every encounter.

LW6 Revolver

The LW6 is the only secondary weapon on my list. This six-shooter hits hard; capable of dropping an enemy with three headshots or four body shots. Paired with the Devotion, it’s an excellent way of cleaning up messes when the primary runs out of ammo.

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