The Curious Case of Downgraded Performance of Rogue Company on PC By Switching Monitors the Wrong Way

One of the weird quirks I’m still wrestling with when it comes to PC gaming is switching between monitors. Most games by default open on the main monitor, which isn’t actually what I want. The only game I’ve been able to get to open on the right screen by default is Overwatch. Everything else requires some noodling in the settings before I start.

Even so, switching monitors shouldn’t be that big of a deal, right? Unfortunately, the situation proved a bit hairier with Rogue Company.

One of the quirks about Rogue Company is that switching to windowed mode doesn’t actually switch the game to windowed mode. The game still takes up the full screen, which really confused me.

The solution I came up with was to go into Windows settings and switch my secondary monitor to my primary. That would achieve the desired effect of moving the game, but the non-gaming monitor would go completely white and I couldn’t click on anything on the desktop anymore.

Besides making one of my screens less functional, this actually caused a notable performance hit. I run a modern PC with a Ryzen 3700X CPU and a 3060TI graphics card, and somehow my PC would struggle mightily to render the game. I would have to drop the graphics settings dramatically to make the game run at a smooth framerate.

Downgraded Graphics on PC
Ultra Settings on PC

The eventual solution? After switching the game to windowed mode, I have to then change the game to a smaller resolution. Doing so would actually move the game into a window, at which point I can safely drag the game to a different monitor and expand as needed. And just like that, I can run the game on Ultra settings with only a slight hitch here-and-there.

Having spent more time in the ecosystem, I really like PC gaming. So much so, that I wonder if I should just move to PC entirely; save for console exclusives. But there are still some quirks I’ve had to contend with, such as this monitor issue. Why is it that switching between monitors could have such a negative impact on performance? What are some quirks you still wrestle with when it comes to PC gaming?

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